Self-Ascension Intuitive Counseling™

Self-Ascension Intuitive Counseling™ is an integrative holistic modality which may incorporate any or all of the practices below along with intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling and coaching geared to the client and their specific needs.

The benefits of this holistic approach for clients may include greater clarity and self-trust, healing of the past, forgiveness of self and others, coming to peace with your body, opening to inner wisdom, transformation of relationships, discovering how to achieve your goals and live abundantly, how to make “ascended” decisions – trusting your inner authority, ability to live from your authentic self, reduction of stress and release of energetic blocks and all that no longer serves.

As an intuitive counselor, I assist clients to remember their own empowered authenticity.  During an counseling session clients will receive energy balancing techniques that revitalize , realign and open the pathways to healing.  Session can include healthy meditations and spiritual practices that heal and ignite the joy of living.  Also, clients can learn more about their talents and gift’s from an intuitive perspective and release stagnant old habits and patterns that are no longer serving ones inner peace.

Are you ready to leave behind the fear, shame and guilt that sabotage your greatest potential?  Claim your peace, love, and joy through your awakened self-healing journey.

Consultation only:  $90.00  50min session
Consultation and Chakra Reading and Balancing: $144.00 90min
Packages: Awaken (3 sessions): Package includes 90min consultation and 2 follow up sessions. $300.00
Other packages available based on individual clients needs.

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