Self-Ascension Anointing™

Self-Ascension Anointing™ Return into the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, where all truth and healing begin. During this Sacred Anointing you will receive the many gifts and blessings of extremely powerful oils and techniques that will assist you in the awakening process, realigning and stabilizing your chakra system into the Self-Ascended state of being-ness.

Open to divine connectivity and ignite the Crystalline Light within, lifting you to ever greater states of awareness, opening the gateway to your highest expression. Are you ready to embrace greater peace, love and joy? To live your authentic truth and relax into the abundant flow of pure joy! This sacred anointing process re-balances the central nervous system. Utilizing ancient Egyptian oil’s promotes healthy energy flow through the meridians. Also, the session is amplified using crystals and sacred sound therapy creating frequency shifts that heal and restore your vitality.

Benefits client will receive:
•Stress relief
•Relieves mental chatter
•Pain relief
•Heart and Soul connection

Are you ready to remember the truth of your authenticity and live in greater freedom and self-acceptance? Open your heart to receive this gift.

1 hour session $88.00


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