Self-Ascension Intuitive Counseling™ is an integrative holistic modality which may incorporate any or all of the practices below along with intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling and coaching geared to the client and their specific needs. The benefits of this holistic approach for clients may include greater clarity and self-trust, healing of the past, forgiveness of self and others, coming to peace with your body, opening to inner wisdom, transformation of relationships, discovering how to achieve your goals and live abundantly, how to make “ascended” decisions – trusting your inner authority, ability to live from your authentic self, reduction of stress and release of energetic blocks and all that no longer serves. 

Avesa Chakra Balancing™ is holistic, fully integrative, and can be used with both alternative and traditional modalities. It is complementary alternative medicine at its finest—quickly and powerfully providing greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual synergistic connection. An Avesa Balancing Session creates a multi-dimensional energy field where healing and restoration can happen for it operates beyond time and space. 

Ascended Numerology™ is an ancient Essene practice. This ancient gift was lost during the burning of the library at Alexandria around 400 A.D. The energy of revelation has come forward through archangel Zadkiel, the ascended masters, and the Essene brethren. Ascended numerology works with the principles of nature in combination with sacred geometry and an ancient form of arithmancy. Arithmancy is a system that assigns numerical values to letters. 

Cosmic Life Regression™ is a sacred, healing protocol. During a Cosmic Life Regression, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that your soul can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that carry energy that is relevant to who you are now in this lifetime. The purpose of a CLR is to reconnect with a past life (either cosmically or on this planet – either may happen) and with clarity touch the soul’s journey in order to bring forth and harvest the jewels from that lifetime and integrate them into your current life for greater healing and understanding. 

Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is a Divine gift that offers energetic balance and integration of the body, mind, and spirit. All three, seen as one unit, must be balanced and harmonized for optimum well- being. The Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is a two-day healing experience that brings you into a state of elevated vibration, calling in the 7th dimension and beyond. The client’s guides, spiritual teachers, and ascended masters work together through the healer (energetic conduit) to fully In-soul with the Universal Divine, therefore facilitating total healing. 

Self-Ascension Anointing™ Return into the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, where all truth and healing begin. During this Sacred Anointing you will receive the many gifts and blessings of extremely powerful oils and techniques that will assist you in the awakening process, realigning and stabilizing your chakra system into the Self-Ascended state of being-ness. Open to divine connectivity and ignite the Crystalline Light within, lifting you to ever greater states of awareness, opening the gateway to your highest expression. 

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