Cosmic Life Regression™

Cosmic Life Regression™ is useful for clearing repetitive patterns. Permanently heal and reclaim your ancient wisdom. It brings you into the deeper Cosmic understanding of your origins. It answers questions about life and helps you to connect to the expanded awareness of your soul journey. This is different from a Past Life Regression because it offers an opportunity to connect to information and lifetimes not on this planet, but off world, our cosmic connection into many different realms and lifetimes.

During a Cosmic Life Regression™, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that your soul can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that carry energy that is relevant to who you are now in this lifetime.

A Cosmic Life Regression™ is a sacred, healing protocol. The purpose of a CLR is to reconnect with a past life (either cosmically or on this planet – either may happen) and with clarity, touch the soul’s journey in order to bring forth and harvest the jewels from that lifetime and integrate them into your current life for greater healing and understanding. This can be offered either in person or over the phone. Price $222.00

When we touch with clarity the past experiences of our cosmic soul, we integrate the jewels of each experience to fully heal our past, ignite our present, and secure our future.” ~Kira Raa

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