Atlantean Healing Chamber™

Altantean Healing Chamber™ is a Divine gift that offers energetic balance and integration of the body, mind, and spirit. All three, seen as one unit, must be balanced and harmonized for optimum well- being. The Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is a two-day healing experience that brings you into a state of elevated vibration, calling in the 7th dimension and beyond. The client’s Guides, spiritual teachers, and ascended masters work together through the healer (energetic conduit) to fully In-soul with the Universal Divine, therefore facilitating total healing. This is a spiritual experience: every aspect of this work honors your recognition of the Divine at work through your free will. All changes that occur are based upon, and in alignment with, your choice.

The Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is facilitated by a Master AVESA Quantum Healer who uses crystals, sacred geometric pyramids, Egyptian Healing Rods™, tuning forks, essential oils, toning, and other healing tools. Offering the receiver a quantum cleansing effect and molecular realignment to accelerate personal evolution on all levels of being. With your commitment and support for your healing, many symptoms comes forward: physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. Sessions work on an integrative, deep immersive level in quantum time and space.

The Egyptian Healing Rods™ are sacred healing and self-ascension tools that were known only to a narrow circle of Initiates long ago. Their history goes far back to the depths of centuries; a thick curtain of mystery covers their origin. We are living in a crucial time on the eve of a new era. We believe the Egyptian Healing Rods have been returned to us on this planet, now, just for these incredible times.

•  Stimulate the endocrine system, immune and nervous system
•  Harmonize the Yin-Yang energies of the body
•  Strengthen the vital life force
•  Opens energy meridians
•  Help to balance the chakras
•  Stimulate the body as a whole organism, thus promoting healing

The Rods are energetically conditioned in a 72-foot high pyramid outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Rods and the energy of the pyramid based on Sacred Geometry, become synergised making them powerful healing and transformational tools. They are cutting edge technology of the 21st Century, rediscovered from ancient Egypt.

This powerful, ancient healing modality has not been on Gaia for thousands of years. Two day process Price $444.00

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