About Soul Wisdom Healings

My name is Corey De Fazio. I opened my doors to clients in 2009 offering Quantum Healing (Energy Medicine). I spent the next five years studying and receiving many certifications for spiritual counseling and alternative therapies that heal the whole being. The focus of my practice is to assist clients to reconnect with their own unique expression of authenticity. We are truly spiritual being having a human experience and our spiritual nature is the doorway to healing. As a Holistic practitioner my job is to assist clients to heal on multiple levels. These levels are the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

The Physical level of healing requires that we release and cleanse the stagnant energy layered in our cells. Through cellular renewal the organs and systems can return to their own  perfect balance. The Emotional level of healing begins by building self-worth, healing old hurts that would inhibit our sense of personal value. Through increased self-trust and recognition of our spiritual nature, we can align our beliefs around a true perception of who we really are and our purpose for being here in this lifetime. We’ll orient toward ideas and feelings that expand energy, not contract!

The Mental level of healing is closely tied to the emotional. We must release outdated ideas and outdated belief systems. Beliefs are like software!  If your belief systems limit your Joy, Service and Ability to connect with Spirit, then it’s time for and upgrade! We must also allow our mental body to align with new understanding about our quantum nature and the role of our spiritual energy in healing.

At the Spiritual level of healing we seek to have direct experience of the Divine. We embrace the guidance from helpers, angels, and teachers in order to experience greater joy and meaning in life.  As we fully connect with this flow of Divine Love, serving others and becoming a positive influence in the world becomes a natural expression of our beingness. To heal these four areas I use a variety of tools and modalities.

The Physical healing can start with diet, cleansing, vitamins, minerals and herbs. Something as simple as a  lighter diet, breath awareness and drinking more water can give the body the natural detoxing effect.

On the Emotional level we can apply simple Emotional Freedom Technique to eliminate energy toxicity, as well as forgiveness work.  As an Intuitive counselor I can guide you through meditation and mantras that heal on the emotional level.

The Mental and Spiritual levels can be healed using guided meditation and journaling for self-reflection, Chakra balancing and Aura clearing. I also utilize Cosmic life Regression, Ascended Numerology, Crystal  Pyramid sound healing, Crystal energy clearing, Egyptian healing rods and much more.

My goal is to offer a multitude of healing technique’s  custom designed for each individual needs. It is my joy to offer a safe healing environment where clients can restore their health and well-being.

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